Summer’s End Studios strives to be a different sort of tattoo and art studio, forgoing the expected tattooer decor and instead focusing on providing a relaxed, comfortable and creative environment for our clients and our work.


Benjamin began his artistic career as a graphic designer and fine art painter, and along the way picked up a love for vintage letterpress machines. Tattooing came later, but his attention to detail, machine- like precision and abstract graphic aesthetic from his early career are all present in his current portfolio.

When not at the studio, Ben can be found enjoying home brewed beers, Patriots football and anything cooked on the grill.





Lynn has studied illustration for years, with a focus on anatomy, gesture and dynamic motion, and this approach to visual storytelling is present in her tattooing as well as personal projects. Tattooing gives her the freedom to explore a variety of subjects and styles, while her personal work, The Reunion, allows her to push into new directions with a hybrid narrative method of storytelling.

In free moments, Lynn enjoys sci-fi/fantasy novels, crafting projects and whatever delicious items Ben has brewed or grilled.




Together they have two silly kids, Harper and Graham, and a ridiculously exuberant Great Dane named Gray. Every major life milestone together thus far has happened in the fall: engagement, marriage, and births of both kids… so of course they’d venture into opening their own studio in the fall of 2016 and call it Summer’s End.